Volunteering at ASFS


ASFS volunteers make it happen. All of our wonderful PTA programs that support our school and children depend entirely on volunteers. And many hands make for light work. Please volunteer to make our school a great place for our children. There are many opportunities both during the day and outside of school hours.  Click below to indicate your volunteer interests and preferences for the 2018-19 school year:

ASFS PTA Volunteer Sign-Up (2018-19)

Contact ASFS PTA Volunteer Coordinator Julie Olcott with any questions. Thank you for your support!


Volunteers Needed!

Volunteering at ASFS is a great way to get involved with the school and meet fellow ASFS families. If you can spare even an hour or two, your support is very appreciated! Here are some current needs for volunteers: 

  • Food Bus: Sign up here to collect food after lunch at ASFS and deliver it to AFAC on a Friday afternoon. For more details, visit the ASFS PTA Community Service page or view the Food Bus 2018 Flyer.
  • ASFS Library: If you are interested in volunteering in the library this school year, please contact ASFS Assistant Librarian Tom McGuire. He will send you a link to sign up for available time slots (during the school day) that fit into your schedule. 
  • Art in the Classroom: We are looking for parent volunteers to lead hour-long art projects in the classroom. Project guides and art supplies provided by the PTA. More details about the program here. Please contact your child's teacher to schedule your workshop. Contact the Art in the Classroom Coordinator, Kristi Tsiopanas, with any questions.  

APS Requirements for ASFS Volunteers

APS requires that all volunteers complete the below steps before volunteering at ASFS or serving as a chaperone on any student field trips. Please note that there is a clear distinction between a visitor and a volunteer. A visitor is a person who visits the school on occasion. Example: Outside the Box Day, STEM Night, or Field Day.  A volunteer is defined as an unpaid individual working under staff supervision, who donates his or her time (on an ongoing basis) to assist with activities that enhance instruction and promote learning. For more information, visit the APS Volunteers and Partnerships page.

Here are the steps that need to be taken before volunteering or chaperoning at ASFS:

  1. Complete and sign an APS Volunteer Application Form and APS Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement and submit it to Paige Prenger in the ASFS front office.
  2. Complete the online Safe Schools Training as required by Virginia state law. A link to this site will be sent to you via APS. Once you have completed the Safe Schools Training, you will receive a certificate. Please bring a copy to Paige Prenger. This step is NOT required to be completed before you volunteer or chaperone.
  3. Meet with Paige Prenger 10 minutes prior to your first day as a volunteer for a brief orientation. Chaperoning does not require an orientation.
  4. Whenever volunteering, please sign-in at the front office using the Volunteer notebook, get a Volunteer badge, and have FUN!