The ASFS PTA Special Committee for Elementary School Planning Initiative (ESPI) was established in May 2018. Check back here to stay informed and engaged about the latest with APS Elementary School Planning Initiatives (ESPI). 


ESPI Committee Mission Statement: 

To provide representation and foster communication across all neighborhoods within our ASFS community in support of the APS Elementary School Planning Initiatives (ESPI) and to work together to develop strategies and solutions by providing clear information and transition support for the upcoming new school and boundary changes.


ESPI Committee Members: 

  • Ed Berenbaum
  • Greg Englerth
  • Dima Hakura
  • Patrick Kelly
  • Kendra Liebert
  • Heather McIntire
  • Kate Merrill
  • Dena Porter
  • Sean Schmergel
  • Puja Valiyll
  • Melis Varban
  • Community Liaison: Jargal Jambaldorj


ESPI Committee Meeting Minutes: 


ESPI Communications: