ASFS Electric News - December 2018/January 2019


The ASFS Book Fair is underway this week, December 3rd-7th! There are still open spots if you can work a shift - it's fun: Sign up to Volunteer at the ASFS Book Fair

For the latest ASFS Master Calendar 2018-19 (as of 12/3/18), please click below:

ASFS Master Calendar 2018-19 (as of 12/3/18)

Note: Please visit the online ASFS Master Calendar on the ASFS website for the latest dates and updates.

MESSAGES FROM Ms. Begley & Ms. Jones

ASFS Candidates for APS Teacher/Support Staff of the Year

  • Congratulations to Ms. Pickett, our ASFS candidate for APS Teacher of the Year.
  • Congratulations to Mr. Winger, our ASFS candidate for APS Support Staff of the Year.

Cooperation, Assertion, Responsibility, Empathy, & Self-control

These are the pinnacles of positive character development and the C.A.R.E.S. curriculum we are using at ASFS. In our journey as teachers and parents, we incorporate these lessons each and every day as our students have authentic experiences that we tie to these areas of character development. There are times, that students experience natural consequences when they do not practice these elements of positive character development. If students do not complete homework or classwork, there are natural consequences at school; loss of privileges and decline in academic grades and performance. If a student loses self-control and hurts another student or disrespects a teacher, there are consequences such as loss of an experience, event or timeout to reflect upon the incident and how another choice should have been made. Students must develop strong study, work, and social habits in order to develop into healthy, effective, and successful citizens. We ask for your assistance in supporting us as we work together to support these habits at home and at school. Being prepared in class through homework and classwork is an essential component of academic success. Kindness, empathy, and assertion are foundational building blocks to positive and healthy relationships in life.   

Thank You ASFS Families
Our entire staff would like to thank the ASFS community for the many gifts and thoughtful gestures we receive. Your generosity is very much appreciated.

Parent Picture Taking in Classrooms
As you attend field trips, volunteer in classrooms, and have lunch/recess with your child, please refrain from taking photos of children other than your own child or showing pictures to students on your iPhones. Many parents have opted out of having their child’s picture taken and each parent must concentrate on their own child if using an iPhone or other device. Thank you for your adherence to this policy and practice. For more information, see the APS Electronic Technologies Acceptable Use Policy.

Donations to ASFS
If you would like to make a monetary donation to ASFS, please make your checks payable to Arlington Science Focus School. Monetary donations are tax deductible. The easiest way to donate is online:  You can also return the No-Frills Fundraiser Form to the front office with your cash/check donation.

We use these monetary donations to fund additional experiences for your child(ren) and to pay for things such as our pond and our aquariums. This year we are going to need to ask our PTA to help fund buses for student field trips as APS has cut back on the number of buses we have been allocated, but ASFS has grown in the number of students we serve. Please consider this opportunity to support ASFS.

If you do not live in the Key attendance you may not attend ASFS without an official transfer. Falsification of documents for residency is a misdemeanor offense. We will need accurate and updated leases and other requirements for residency. Know that we will follow up with you directly if you are not a resident of one of these three attendance zones. If you have an expired lease, please bring us your updated lease. If you know of someone who is in violation, please see Ms. Begley. These students are increasing our class size. We want every student that qualifies for residency in these three areas, but people who do not qualify need to move to their neighborhood school. Residency is where the child lives and sleeps, NOT where you have childcare. Help us to have students attend our school who qualify to attend our school ONLY.  Thank you for your help.   

*Know that with the tight budget year, people who attend APS schools and do not live here are costing your child’s education money and resources. We must make sure that every child that attends ASFS actually lives here.
ASFS Parent Code of Conduct
Our goal is to work with all parents in a collaborative manner for the positive growth and development of your child(ren). Please keep the ASFS Parent Teacher Code of Conduct in mind when communicating with teachers. Before you hit the send button, please reread your email, and ask yourself:
  • How will the recipient receive the email?
  • Does the email send the message that you want to work together to resolve an issue?
  • Do you have all the facts or do you need to have a conversation with the teacher to BETTER understand what happened?  

We want to work together and talk together. Please remember our common purpose BEFORE you hit the send button. 

APS Policy: Gifts to Employees from Individuals or Organizations Outside of Arlington Public Schools
Employees may accept gifts valued at a total of $100.00 or less during a school year from any one student, individual, family or organization, including PTAs and Booster organizations. In no instance shall an employee accept a gift given for services performed within the scope of the employee’s duties or given with the intent to influence an employee’s actions. Any single gift valued at more than $100.00, or gifts totaling more than $100.00 from one giver during the course of a year, must be returned to the giver. For more information, see the APS Gifts to Employees Policy.

Looking for Parent Volunteers to Help Keep the Book Room Organized
We are looking for volunteers to help keep our Book Room organized. Please contact ASFS ELA Specialist, Kathryn Kaiser, if you are interested in getting involved.

Dismissal of Walking/Pick-up Students
If you pick your child up from school each day, you must come to the atrium to pick him/her up. Children may NOT walk to the roadway or park.  This is dangerous and all children must be accompanied by their parent or child care provider.

We have had an increasing number of parents/child care providers parking illegally for pick up.  Please follow the parking signs. We have asked our Arlington County Resource Officer to come in the morning and afternoon to assist us with traffic.

As a parent of a student at ASFS, you are aware of the special environment that you child(ren) come to each and every day. You have selected this school because youresearched schools and made the choice to attend this excellent academic environment. Part of the reason ASFS continues to be a high performing school is because of the hard working and dedicated staff that works at ASFS. The other factor that makes us great is that our parents are involved in our school and its operations. Parents are involved in supporting their children through working with them at home and by volunteering in our PTA and in the educational program. We have extensive waitlists of families that would like to attend ASFS, but we do not have room to accommodate more students.

As you begin this 2019 calendar year, please think about committing to a project or two at ASFS and contributing to our auction. We can only continue to offer experiences that go “above and beyond” if we have parents who support our programs and projects and volunteer to help with PTA committees.  Recommit yourself to your child’s educational environment and help us to continue to prepare our children for the rigorous expectations of the world they will live in. Contact Dena Porter, our PTA President, if you have ideas or would like to talk about ways you can be involved and be present in your child’s school and learning.  Thank you.


Carpool Line Safety Tip

Officer Gammell

  • DO NOT pull out of the carpool line at any time, unless you are the FIRST vehicle in line to exit.
  • When entering the carpool line please reduce your speed as you are moving close to the curb. 25 MPH is NOT a safe speed when entering a carpool line.  
  • DO NOT drop off your children in the carpool line prior to the area designated by the school to drop off. The Safety Patrols will assist with opening car doors for your children.   
  • Drivers DO NOT exit your vehicle in the carpool line.  
  • When moving through the carpool lane always focus your attention straight ahead as your moving forward. I have witnessed parents watching their children walk along the sidewalk, as their vehicle is moving forward. Keep in mind pedestrians cross in front of your vehicle at the front of the line in the crosswalk.
  • When exiting the carpool line, at the front of the line only, please YIELD to the vehicles already in the lane of traffic that you are about to enter. Please pay close attention to pedestrians crossing and buses turning into the school parking lot, as well.
  • Follow the instructions of the school staff and Safety Patrols who are working in front of the school and or around the school to keep the school community safe.
  • DO NOT be distracted by texting and or talking on your cell when driving through the carpool line.  
  • Never let your children out of your vehicle on the driver’s side in the carpool line. Always drop your children off on the curb side.


Did You Know That? Grade Level Happenings


The Molecules Are In Motion

Mr. Bosley, Ms. Buchman, Ms. Corey, Ms. Mintzer, Ms. Witherell, Ms. DelToro, Ms. Short, Ms. Frankowsky, Ms. Greene & Ms. Vierow

The Molecules in Motion are exploring magnets this month! They will be asking what does it mean when magnets attract? What is the opposite of attraction? What sorts of materials are attracted to magnets? The Molecules will enter the winter holiday season learning about wants, needs, and choices. They will be deciphering between things in their lives that they want and choices they make to get the things they need. In math, the students have been working with addition, subtraction, shapes and counting. The Molecules will participate in the Global Holiday Celebration, learning about the many holidays celebrated in their classroom community. The Molecules will be busy growing and learning new things in January. They are learning to read and write with different punctuation marks. The Molecules have been writing true stories and practicing making their writing readable. In social studies the Molecules in Motion have been learning about Martin Luther King Jr. and the importance of treating other people with fairness and equality. In science, we are learning all about shadows and how they are made. Molecules are great at finding shadows all around us!


The Natural Wonders

Ms. Maniace, Ms. Pickett, Ms. Pollard, Ms. Worley, Ms. Zukas, Ms. Chai, Ms. Evans & Ms. Oman

In December, the Natural Wonders will begin a study on economics. They will learn about goods and services and practice making economic choices about whether they would like to spend their money as they earn it or save it to purchase a more expensive item. The Natural Wonders will also learn about consumers and producers and how both are important to our economy. Have your Wonder assist you in calculating the total of the holiday goods you purchase as a consumer this month.  

In January, the Natural Wonders will be learning about Virginia history. They will learn about important people in Virginia history such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Chief Powhatan, Pocahontas, and Maggie L. Walker.
During December and January, the Wonders will continue to learn about addition, subtraction, and story problems. Natural Wonders will explore more strategies for solving addition and subtraction. They will begin to solve story problems where the change and start of the story problems are unknown.


The Second Grade Investigators

Ms. Cherubim, Ms. Kallassy, Ms. Kiel, Ms. Leonard, Ms. Todd, Ms. Wilson & Ms. Debonis

Our second grade Investigators have begun working The Investigators are in the middle of some fun topics in second grade! They are focused on reading and writing nonfiction texts. In the month of November the Investigators will focus was on informational writing called “All About”. Though we are providing ideas for helping students learn and record new facts, their writing for this unit will rely quite a bit on what they already know. In December, Investigators will continue to work on writing informational pieces, specifically “How To’s”. Consider following family recipes or directions for a board game to highlight ‘How To’ writing in their everyday lives.

In math, the Investigators are busy learning about addition and subtraction of two-digit numbers. The students are learning a variety of strategies that include: proof drawings, expanded form (break apart), number lines, and regrouping/ungrouping using the “above method”. If you are unfamiliar with these methods, ask your Investigator to tell you about them.

In December, Investigators will delve into the important topic of Economics. They will learn the importance of making economic choices. They will learn how all decisions involve costs and benefits. In addition, Investigators will be introduced to the following ideas: people as producers and consumers and that people make choices because resources are limited. Needless to say, there is a lot happening in the life and times of our second grade Investigators. It’s sure to be a fun-filled winter!


The Catalysts

Ms. Freeman, Ms. Holston, Ms. Hooser, Ms. Kniseley & Ms. Maxey

All the excitement that comes with winter break is just around the corner. The Catalysts will study about the needs and adaptations of living organisms. They will learn how plant and animal adaptations help organisms survive in their unique environment.  

In social studies, they will begin the study of economics and how it impacts the world around them. In math, the Catalysts will explore data collection and study a variety of graphs. Please have your child practice their math facts over the holiday break to solidify his/her newly acquired skills. December should prove to be a busy and exhilarating month!


The Electrons

Ms. Dykstra, Ms. Kirschenmann, Ms. Lewis, Ms. Pitsakis, Ms. Strong & Ms. Wade

The Electrons in fourth grade continue to delve into the early history of Virginia. They have been exploring Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in North America, and the roots of our democracy. In December, the Electrons will examine life in colonial Virginia. Our work in the classroom will be enriched by a field trip to historic Alexandria and our Global Celebration just before the break. We hope that families will be able to join us to share in our celebration of colonial holiday traditions. Come the new year, the Electrons will explore the causes and results of the Revolutionary War, a perennial favorite area of study for fourth grade students.  

In science, the Electrons have been studying electricity and will soon be moving into a new unit on force and motion. In math, students will be returning to multidigit multiplication and long division, but tackling more challenging problems involving larger numbers, long division, and the interpretation of remainders.  Finally, in both reading and writing, our focus for this second quarter is non-fiction informational texts. Students learn how to conduct research using multiple sources of information, analyze and synthesize information, write engaging informational essays in their own words, and present the content they have gained through power-points and models. This unit is the foundation of essay writing for students and a critical step in their writing journey. 


The Fifth Grade Technos

Ms. Anderson, Ms. Caven, Ms. Gallagher, Ms. Hansrote, Ms. Mavity, Ms. Idell, Ms. James & Ms. Wilson

This year is flying by! In the last two months, we have been incredibly busy as we wrapped up our first quarter and began our second. In science, the Technos are studying both light and sound, and we are finding that these two forms of energy, though distinct, share many similarities. We have had a great deal of fun (and a few headaches) experimenting with sound waves in particular! In math, the Technos are finishing our review of decimal computation (addition and subtraction) within practical contexts and moving on to computation with fractions and mixed numbers. Successfully adding, subtracting, and multiplying fractions will require us to apply many of our math skills at once; so, as always, it is important that we remain fact fluent. Following this computational unit, the Technos will delve into an exploration of algebraic reasoning.

After concluding our deep investigation into theme, we have started to delve into our study of the fantasy genre. To do this, we are tracking the hero’s journey and analyzing text in fantasy Book Clubs across the grade. Our writing has similarly changed focus, and we have moved on from Personal Narratives to Opinion/Argument-Based essays. Seeing as we have many opinions and a lot to say about them, this unit should be right up our alley!

In social studies, we were visited by an archaeologist from the Smithsonian who helped us better understand how we can use artifacts to study past civilizations. The Technos are working to apply that knowledge as we create our own civilizations and study ancient civilizations from around the world.

We have quite a lot to look forward to outside of our normal day! Before Winter Break alone, we will have Outside the Box Day, field trips to the Planetarium, field trips to Inner Quest, and our Global Celebration. Our Inner Quest field trip, which will occur on December 5th or 6th, will give us an opportunity to work in small teams and overcome challenges using cooperation and group-oriented thinking skills. Each Techno will have the opportunity to ride a zip line if he or she chooses!

For Global Celebration, students will create their own Alpana painting to take home. Alpana paintings are a type of Indian folk art made of colorful symmetrical designs and used for various celebrations throughout the year. The Technos have much that awaits us!

Tips from the ASFS ELA Team

Ms. Abraham, Ms. A’Hearn, Ms. Downs, Ms. Kaiser & Ms. Schroeder

ASFS Great Read-In
Come join us for The Great Read-In on Thursday, January 24th from 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Boy Scout Troop 167 will be supporting us in the planning and facilitating of this family reading event. The event will begin with a storyteller. Kids will then be invited to snuggle up and read inside tents as they enjoy smores and stories with friends and family. The snow date will be Wednesday, February 6th. 

Reading Events for Winter Break​​​​​​
Please encourage your child to read and write over the winter break. Arlington Public Library offers events over the holidays! Here are some activities that might interest your student: 

12/22: Gingerbread House Workshop, 11am-12pm, Glencarlyn Library
12/27 and 12/28: Chilly Craft Creations, 2-3pm, Columbia Pike Library
12/31: Noon Year’s Eve, 11am-12:30pm, Columbia Pike Library
1/3: Building Brick Mania, 4pm-5pm, Cherrydale Library
1/3: Kids STEAM Club, 4:00-4:45pm, Cherrydale Library
1/5: Book Character Scavenger Hunt, 10:30am-4pm, Westover Library

Please consult the Arlington Public Library's website to confirm the events and find out more.

Areas of Parent Involvement:

  1. Communicating: Fostering effective channels and methods of communication to meaningfully engage parents.
  2. Volunteering: Recruiting or organizing parents to support school activities, both internal and external.
  3. Learning: Organizing and coordinating activities to empower parents with knowledge to support their child’s education (ex: reinforcing classroom skills, homework, etc.)
  4. Collaborating with the Community: Effectively coordinating resources and services for the community and/or implementing creative parent outreach strategies, which could include fundraisers that would enhance a school’s services or environment, or coordinating resources or services from the school community that may serve an external community.
  5. Decision Making: Empowering parents as advocates on decision-making committees or programs that give them a voice in their child’s education.

Math Matters!

Ms. Stephenson, Math Coach

Space News

Mr. Harvey

Thanks to Mr. Harvey, click to view a list of 50 Space Activities for Elementary School Students as well as some additional educational space resources:

50 Space Activities for Elementary School Students

Investigation Station Brief

Ms. Stephanie Lin

Hour of Code at ASFS - December 3-9
All the students at ASFS will be participating in Hour of Code December 3-9, a worldwide event that encourages students to engage in an hour of code during the week. Whether it will be going to’s website and using their learning platforms, using coding apps on the iPad, or programming robots, the students will have the opportunity to think logically and solve problems through coding. At ASFS, coding doesn’t just happen during Hour of Code week. Many students will do coding in their Science City rotations and in Investigation Station throughout the year. If your child is particularly interested in coding/programming, there are many apps that I recommend, which include (with recommended grade levels): Daisy the Dino (K-1), codeSpark (K-2), Kodable (K-2), Scratch Jr. (K-2), Lightbot Jr. (2-3), Tynker (1-5), Lightbot (3-5), Hopscotch (3-5), Cargobot (4-5), Move the Turtle (4-5), and Swift Playgrounds (4-5). 

In addition, many students had accounts created for them on, which allows them to save and track their progress at home. If you would like to know how to help your child access his/her account, please email Ms. Lin. You can also go to this website to learn about the many different options your child has to extend his/her learning at home. Scratch is another great site for upper elementary (3-5), and I specifically like it because it allows students to create projects using what they have learned about coding. Scratch Jr. (app) would be the equivalent for lower elementary (K-2). All third graders had Scratch accounts created for them, so please email Ms. Lin if they would like to be able to access their projects at home. If your child is in 4th or 5th grade and you would like them to have an account, you can contact Ms. Lin to create one for them as well.

STEM Activities over the Winter Break
Winter Break is a great time for you to do STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) activities with your child! Many of the activities can be done using household items, recyclables, and/or low-cost items. Check out the following links for many ideas including making fake snow, growing crystals, and engineering cardboard gingerbread houses.

Family STEM Night - Save the Date! Wednesday, February 13th, 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Please join us for our annual Family STEM Night on Wednesday, February 7th from 6:30-8:00 p.m.! Some of the highlights of the event include: engineering challenges, a computer programming room (“Coding Zone"), a simulated mission with the space shuttle simulator, demonstrations from the First Lego League team, and more!

Volunteers Needed – Family STEM Night, Wednesday, February 13th (6:30 – 8:00 p.m.)
Parents, your help is greatly needed to help make our Family STEM Night a success! We are looking for as many volunteers as possible. If you can help with either set-up, greeting, manning the different STEM challenges/stations, and/or clean-up, please click here to sign-up or you can e-mail Ms. Lin. We split up the night into two shifts (6:15-7:15 p.m. and 7:15-8:15 p.m.) so that you have some time to enjoy the STEM night with your child. Thanks so much!

ASFS Lego Robotics Teams Compete in FIRST Lego League Regional Tournaments
On November 10th and 11th, ASFS’s two Lego Robotics teams competed in regional First Lego League (FLL) Tournaments in the D.C. area. The Lightning Storm team competed at McKinley High School in D.C. on November 10th, and the Lightning Bolts team competed at Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School in Fall Church on November 11th. Both teams consist of 4th and 5th graders. The Lightning Storm team is coached by Subodh G., Don R., and Sherry & Greg F. and includes Fenton F., Reem G., Aveen G., Solomon I., Julia L., Rockwell L., Donovan R., and Helen T. The Lightning Bolts team is coached by Ms. Lin and Megan C. and includes Daniel C., Alex E., Aanya G., Nadia L., Calvin L., Sachi M., Noah T., and Finley W.

Both teams had been preparing for this tournament since early September. At the tournaments, the teams presented their solution to this year’s FLL question (“How do we solve problems faced by humans during long duration space exploration?”), competed in 4 rounds of robot games, and demonstrated their teamwork by solving a challenge in front of a panel of judges. The teams represented ASFS well—they stayed focused, worked together to solve problems, and maintained positive attitudes throughout the long day. They should be proud of all that they accomplished this season!


Greetings from the ASFS PE Team

Ms. Hall, Mr. Ludwick, Mr. Walker & Mr. Spadaro   

We have accomplished a lot in 2018 and look forward to an active, healthy new year. Our students have experienced units in football and soccer as well as many opportunities to improve their fitness through games and activities. We are currently doing climbing and fitness challenges and will be moving into juggling and hockey after winter break. They have learned skills, games, rules, and strategies that can help them stay active and be involved in recreational activities. Throughout our year we focus on developing new skills, working well with others, and improving our strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health.

In health we have covered units in emotions, physical wellness, and nutrition. Our students learn about these topics through discussions, small group activities, projects, and individual assignments. We enjoy talking about these topics in class and connecting them to our lives outside of school. We are excited to learn more about mental health and different body systems in the next few months.


Gifted Services

Ms. Bulford

Identification of Giftedness in a Child
While there are many commonalities that exist in giftedness, one size does not fit all. Gifted students demonstrate different characteristics, traits, and ways to express their talents. The identification process is multi-faceted and there are multiple data points that are considered when a student is screened. Because no two children are alike, information is collected on both the student’s performance and potential through a combination of objective (quantifiably measured) and subjective (personally observed) identification tools in order to identify gifted and talented students.  When screening a student for Gifted Services, a committee reviews teacher observations and narratives, parental observation and narratives, student portfolios that demonstrate higher level and/or critical and creative thinking, and test scores (PowerSchool, DRA, NNAT3, and/or CogAt). 

Please contact Ms. Bulford via email or school phone (703/228-7670) at any time you have questions regarding the Gifted Services program at Arlington Science Focus.


Library News

Ms. A’Hearn & Mr. McGuire

Students are encouraged to return books every week during their scheduled library time. Those who wish to keep books longer should bring them in to renew.

Students reimburse the library for books that are damaged or lost so that we can replace them and, once again, enable others to have access to the title.

Virginia Readers’ Choice

The first and second graders have all heard the ten Primary Virginia Readers’ Choice books for 2018-19.  The book with the most ASFS student votes is The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors by Drew Daywalt.

Students in grades 3-5 are encouraged to read at least four out of the ten titles from Elementary or Middle School Virginia Readers’ Choice booklist and turn their vote to Mrs. A’Hearn by April 30, 2019.

Need book suggestions for your student?

School Library Journal Best Books of 2018

Kids Post Best Books of 2018

Common Sense Media New Books 2018


Updates from Our Artists

Ms. Garfield and Ms. Suarez

Dear ASFS Parents,

My name is Maura Garfield and I am joining Arlington Science Focus after three years with Montgomery County Public Schools where I also taught elementary art. Julie Suarez, our part time art teacher, spends the rest of her week as an art teacher at The Stratford Program. She has almost twenty years of teaching experience and received her formal training at Syracuse University with a Master of Science in Art Education. We are both experienced artists, and look forward to sharing our passion for art with your children.

During the months of December and January:

Kindergarten students with Ms. Garfield’s art class will be creating self-portraits, exploring color theory, shapes, and learning about the artist Picasso.

First grade students will be exploring shape and form. They will be painting castles created from shapes, differentiating shape and form, and identifying different color schemes.

Second graders will be learning about space, pattern, and the artist Henri Matisse to create a multimedia collage.

3rd graders have been creating observational drawings of leaves and exploring artistic professions such as scientific illustration.

4th graders are beginning a unit on clay while comparing functional versus aesthetic works of art.

5th grade students will be comparing contemporary and historical works of art while creating a paper weaving.

In January, the focus of each grade level will be moving away from 2-dimensional artworks, and creating 3-dimensional artworks. In addition to some of the previously mentioned lessons, Mrs. Suarez’s classes will complete classroom curriculum based clay units. They will learn about famous painters, the color wheel, and various painting techniques.

Finally, be sure to mark your calendar for our art show on May 1st! We will be asking for parent volunteers in the coming months to help us prepare for this special occasion.


🎵Music Notes with Ms. Taylor and Ms. Shine🎵

5th and 4th Grade Musical News and Instrumental Reminders
Our next exciting musical events will be the 5th grade Winter Concert in January and the 4th grade Winter Concert in February! All students in the 4th or 5th grade will prepare and perform a few holiday favorites, using instruments and voices, and sharing what we have been learning in our Music classes so far this year! Please continue to check the ASFS Music webpage for more updates and reminders!

Our 4th grade Orchestra and 5th grade Orchestra will be performing for a few organizations and groups throughout the Arlington community in the month of December. Details and reminders have been sent home with those students regarding their music field trip. These groups of musicians were chosen based on class size and level of preparation in Instrumental Music. Thank you to all students who continue to be responsible and prepared to learn. We will continue to remind students about their weekly sectional, ensemble, and 100 minutes of practice each week to ensure that students are achieving attainable music goals. We are also excited to continue learning more about our voices, instruments, and how to apply our musical knowledge and many talents in our weekly general music classes.

Arlington Honors Reminders (4th and 5th grade only)
A HUGE thank you to any student who auditioned for the Arlington Honors Band, Orchestra, or Choir! You worked hard, and we are all very proud of you! A big CONGRATULATIONS to those who were accepted into each ensemble! Keep doing great things, sharing your gifts, and many talents! If you have any questions about these programs or would like more information, please contact the Arlington Honors Band and Orchestra Manager, Ms. Liz Taylor.

Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade Music Class
Students will continue to explore various folk songs, music concepts, and skills such as loud/soft, high/low, fast/slow, up/down, and long/short sounds, and holiday tunes in our weekly music classes. In addition, every grade level will be learning how to play barred instruments, xylophones, glockenspiels, and metallophones. These skills will help students to understand melody, pitch, harmony, notes/rests and more!

Thank you again to all of the 2nd grade students, families, friends, and especially our Veterans who attended or participated in the 2nd Grade Veterans Day Concert! It was a wonderful, heart-felt concert celebrating and recognizing our amazing heroes—our Veterans! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do!


SCA News!

Ms. Taylor & Ms. Mintzer

We would like to congratulate all of our SCA Officers and Representatives for your hard work and dedication to help our school continue to be safe, fair, and kind! Please see the monthly school calendar for Spirit Day themes.  Our first event, Tasty Tales Night, was a great success and big turn out! Students and their families got to share time together eating, reading books, and sharing about their favorite tales. We were also able to raise money for future SCA events by selling light treats and snacks. Thank you to all who attended, and we look forward to seeing you at the next event! If you have any questions or comments, please contact one of the SCA sponsors: Ms. Taylor and Ms. Mintzer.



ASFS No-Frills Fundraiser 2018
Thank you to all of the ASFS families who have donated to our annual No-Frills Fundraiser - we have raised $22k to date with 23% of our families having contributed so far. We are truly grateful for the generosity of our community - thanks to all of you, we are able to support our school-wide events, educational initiatives, academic programs and classroom needs.

If you haven't already, we are asking for 100% participation in order to support the events and activities we have planned for our school this year. It's fast and easy to donate online: 100% of donations go directly to supporting our school. If you prefer cash/check, feel free to use the No-Frills Fundraiser Form and drop off your donation in the ASFS Front Office. 

And... it's the last month for 2018 tax donations - contributions to No-Frills are 100% tax deductible!  And just a reminder that we welcome corporate donations and/or corporate matching - feel free to check with your employer, and contact Kristi Tsiopanas with any questions. Thanks so much for your support!

Annual ASFS Auction 2019
Planning for the annual ASFS spring fundraiser has begun! We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting the ASFS Auction 2019 at the Clarendon Ballroom on February 23, 2019. Save the date for a night of music, dancing, food, and fun! If you have any questions/suggestions or if you'd like to help make the magic happen, please contact Kristi Tsiopanas.

ASFS Season of Giving

This holiday season, here are a few great ways our ASFS community can give back - thank you to all of our ASFS families for their kindness and generosity!

ASFS Season of Giving Flyer 2018