5th Grade Promotion


Our 5th grade students are getting ready to launch into Middle School! To acknowledge this special occasion, there is a school-organized promotion ceremony as well as a lovely reception following the ceremony for all 5th graders and their families. In addition to these day time events, the ASFS 5th grade parents organize a fun evening dance party at the school to celebrate all of our 5th grade students and their parents. While expenses for the promotion ceremony, reception and t-shirts for every 5th grader are paid from the PTA budget, the costs for the evening parent-child promotion dance party as well as the class gift to the school are paid for by donations from the 5th grade parents.
(Class of 2017 recap

To cover these additional expenses, we are asking for donations from each 5th grade family.  The suggested donation is $50 per child, though any amount you are comfortable donating will contribute to the overall success of the day!  

All 5th graders will participate in the promotion ceremony and party regardless of donation.

Your donation will go directly to help pay for the following:

  • Promotion party expenses of food and drinks, decorations, DJ, and party extras 
  • Class gift (Previous class gifts include the beautiful rugs at the main entry and atrium (Class of ’16), the red metal bench near the field (Class of ’17), and the salt water aquarium (Class of '18)

(All donations are tax deductible).

Thank you for your support!
The ASFS 5th Grade Promotion Committee

Any questions, please contact Lisa Anbinder or Tara Antonipillai

5th Grade Promotion Donation : $[[amount]].00